A Comprehensive Comparison of 3-Reel and 5-Reel Online Slots

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A great number of reasons are there to count as we take a look at why online slot game players are in love with these games. It all depends on the individual likes and tastes as regards the favorite game. One of the best things with these slot machines is that they are available in almost all good sorts and styles. It makes it easy to select your favorite game anytime and enjoying the same as well. There are lots of 3 reel and 5 reel online slot machines available to choose from which are available in lots of different themes and styles.

Some of the players love to play 3 reel slots owed to the more classic look these online games offer with a simpler touch. People loving to play online games with simplicity and avoid confusion as regards the features of online games prefer 3 reel slot machines. You don’t have to go through different guides and books in order to understand the functions of these games. What you need to do is nothing but placing a bit and spinning. The players of three reel slot machines are offered with one payline where they can bet with one coin or two. However, there are some 3 reel slot machines that have more than one payline offers but most of the 3 reel slot machines come up with single payline only.

There are lots of reasons to be counted as to why most of the players prefer playing 5 reel slot machines online. The 5 reel slot machines have lots of more features to offer. With the help of these machines there are 5 different reels that can be spun separately and you’d have more watching options available. In addition to the above, these 5 reel games are more comprehensive and interactive. A sense and feel of more involvement is added as the players enjoy 5 reel games. An intuitive and interesting storyline keeps the players grabbed and more involved in these games. While you play these online slots, all of the favorite stuff and features including wild symbols, interesting bonus rounds, scatters, multipliers, etc that keep the players enchanting and entertaining while playing the games.