Adventure and Prizes

Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra is an exciting slot-machine style casual game that you can find at Swiss Casino. In it, you play Dave, who looks an awful lot like the whip-carrying archaeologist hero from a certain series of well-known action movies. Dave is searching for the mysterious Eye of Ra, and in this slot machine game, he’s enlisting your help! The game itself is very simple: you place a bid (anywhere from twenty cents all the way up to thirty dollars), click the ‘Spin’ button and watch as the reels click into place. Whether you win or not is up to the slot machine gods to decide!

There are various matches that you can make that count as a jackpot. Much like with poker, you can get 5 of a kind – that is, five matching symbols – and the amount you win is dependent on which symbols have matched. With Aces and Kings, you can win 500, with five matching Queens you can win 75 and with five matching Jacks you can win up to 50 coins! There are also mysterious-looking Egyptian symbols that you can match up, including Thoth, Horus, Anubis, the sacred Egyptian scarab and a lion representing the sun god Ra. Even Dave himself is part of the action in this slot machine, as he acts as a wild card that can fill in the empty spaces and help you to match up even more symbols on the reels! The Eye of Ra itself also acts as a multiplier for this slot machine game, adding on different amounts to your jackpot depending on how many of them click into place after you hit ‘Spin’.

Something else to look out for is the Bonus square, which can pop up at random and set the last reel of the machine spinning wildly! Click the ‘Spin’ button again to see if you can bring up another Bonus square so that you get the opportunity to explore and venture deeper into the tombs and win even more prizes! You have a series of daunting tests ahead of you, but if you’re brave enough, you can reach the Eye of Ra itself and claim it as your own!