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Delaware odds on favorite to be first U.S. State with full online gambling

The race to become the first U.S. state to permit full online gambling websites appears to be being won by the state of Delaware after New Jersey’s bid to begin online betting operations stalled at the desk of Governor Chris Christie. Although Nevada made online poker sites legal in 2011 the traditional home of gambling in the U.S. has yet to move too far in its attempts to allow legalized online betting within the state that is home to Las Vegas.


Following the passing of the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012 the state has begun the process of receiving bids to operate online gaming sites within the state’s borders; the bidding process includes the requirement that the online websites must be operational and live by September 30 2013. Officials in Delaware had originally wanted the sites to be live by Spring 2013, but revised their deadlines when the complexity of the establishment of the sites was revealed; under the laws of the state the websites must use geolocation software to ensure all players are physically within the state to comply with federal laws banning interstate gambling.


One of the major reasons for pushing the legislation through the state’s lawmaking process is the large amount of revenue believed to be available to add to the stretched budgets of U.S. states; Officials in Delaware believed a minimum of $3.75 million would be added to the state’s revenue if their system would have been live by Spring 2013. To ensure the online gaming sites are live quickly Delaware is requiring all bidders have at least one years experience operating an online site in either North America or Europe; many U.S. based companies hoping to bid are working with European partners in a bid to operate in the state.


The state of New jersey is expected to allow online gambling websites operated out of its casino rich Atlantic City area. Legislation was passing through the state’s legislature until a bill arrived on the desk of Governor Chris Christie who vetoed the online gambling bill asking for revisions before allowing the system to go live. Many U.S. states have been looking into the establishment of online gambling websites in a bid to raise revenue since 2011 when Nevada legalized online poker websites.

Online Casinos For US Players

Are you a poker lover from the United States? Well, if you are, then you can play as much poker as you want when you are at any casino in town and when you are in Las Vegas. However, if you want to play casino from the comforts of your home; that is play online poker; then you will face a lot of problems. There are hundreds of poker lovers in the US and it is one of the reasons why online casino emerged as a multibillionaire industry. However, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006 and some of the leading online casinos were slapped with something around $3 billion. After that, all top poker sites banned US players.


Once the Act was passed, US poker enthusiasts initially found it difficult to find online casinos where they could participate in their favorite game. However, you need not be disheartened. The good news is that there are still several online casinos that accept players from the US and if you want to play casino online you will have to find one such casino. Since there are several such online casinos, you will have to make sure that you choose the best available online casino.


While choosing the best casino for US players, you will first have to find out about the casinos that allow US players. Finding out about these casinos is not difficult at all and you can type in “online casinos for US players” into any search engine. Once you get the names of the online casinos, you will have to find out about each of them individually. When looking at each of the casinos individually, you will first have to check out the software that each of them uses. You have to understand that software plays a very important role in your online gaming experience since it is the software that determines the kind of games available at an online casino and the quality of the game graphics.


You will also have to check the payment options that are made available by each of these casinos. In most cases, the US poker players are allowed to make payments through debit cards, credit cards, moneygram and e-checks. So, while choosing an online casino, you will have to make sure that allows payment options that you are comfortable with. To find out more about online casinos for US players

Tatts Group focusing on additional online revenue

GAMBLING and lottery giant Tatts Group announced great success of their online Casino Gambling activities and are looking to expand in the online pokies arena.

tatts group

On February 21 Tatts announced that their net profit for the last half of 2012 totaled $128.3 million. This is a 23.1 per cent loss from the same time of the previous year, during which profits totaled $166.9 million. This loss can be attributed to the expiration of Tatts’ license to operate slot machines in Victoria, shutting down a significant revenue stream.

Offsetting that blow is a 52 per cent increase in revenues from lotteries and 22 per cent increase in sales of their online slots. That being the case, Tatts CEO Robbie Cooke is optimistic:

“We do believe there are a lot of opportunities to take the online business further, and there are a lot of things that we haven’t done yet that are still available to us.” He said on Thursday. Cooke also stated that Tatts did very well in the first six months of the 2012/213 fiscal year, and that lotteries were the clear big earner.

Twenty-one jackpots in Oz Lotto and Powerball made it over the $15 million mark, as opposed to only nine in the previous year. This is indicative of the 20 per cent climb in revenue in the lotteries business, now totaling $1.1 billion.

TattsBet, the wagering business of the group, had an increase in revenue of seven per cent to total $344.9 million due to increased win rates and Tatts’ recent acquisition of TOTE Tasmania.

Online pokies and other online wagering sales experienced growth of 22 per cent and currently represent 19 per cent of all of the group’s wagering sales, as more and more people move from phone betting to internet betting.

Tatts feels good about the start to the latter half of their fiscal year, with TattsBet all ready creating revenue on par with the first one, alongside continually improving win rates.

The groups lotteries business is doing similarly well with the addition of SA Lotteries, with whom Tatts began a 40-year management agreement in December 2012. Unfortunately this acquisition comes at higher costs in interest.

While still feeling positive, Tatts says they don’t expect the first half’s extraordinary run of jackpots to repeat itself.

Shares in Tatts Group were at $3.25 on Thursday, six cents down.

Has Australian Sports Betting Been Linked to Organized Crime?

Recently, shocking revelations regarding alleged criminal links between Australia’s criminal element, including drug users, and sports betting, have again ignited nationwide debates. The rapidly growing industry of local sports betting and online sports betting, although not illegal nor in any way implicated in the allegations by the Australian Crime Commission, does still maintain a very firm grip on the premier professional codes in place in Australia. This practice is so prevalent that they have actually triggered an additional inquiry into sports betting practices. This inquiry is being performed under the watchful eye of the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform.

australian sports betting organized crime

The massive explosion of Australian sports betting in recent years has expanded most avid betters’ horizons from just betting on the horses to betting also on a number of sports that they used to just watch for the fun of it. Much of this growth has been blamed on what is called “saturation advertising” as reported in BusinessDay. One of the biggest concerns is that children are being bombarded with this advertising when they watch their favourite sports teams on television, which is generally considered to be inappropriate, if not problematic, by parents and educators alike. Parents complain that they cannot watch any sporting events with their kids without a bombardment of gambling ads, which could potentially create an entire new generation of gamblers.

Reports will be available in May 2013, revealing the committee’s findings. In the meantime, sports betting is projected to top a whopping $4.5 billion annually, and this figure is close to double the amount generated by the betting industry five years ago. At that time, this increase became a reality with the Federal Court decision allowing advertising by bookmakers even in a state where they weren’t even licensed for legal operation.This ruling instantly gave them a highly effective advertising tool for acquisition of plenty of new customers even in the highly tax regulated Northern Territory.

Currently there are absolutely no live odds allowed during games, either during online sports betting or otherwise, as per newly developed codes. Gambling promotion is only allowed if plainly identified to be a gambling promo and only during play breaks. In addition, the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports in Australia has ruled that sporting venues are prohibited from showing any promotions of live odds on any big screen during game play. It has, however, been determined that no sports betting advertising ban introduced by the Australian government could possibly ever completely remove the far-reaching effects of gambling from the many leading sporting clubs in the country, especially with the ever-growing popularity of sports online betting.

 Enjoy the Very Best Scratch Card Games Online

Online gaming enthusiasts looking to ramp up their entertainment value will be thrilled with the wide variety of classic casino games, scratchcard games, instant win games and other games at OKscratchcards. A classic collection of exciting games includes the likes of 3WOW, Monopoly Riches, Monte Carlo, The 7th Heaven, and an enviable range of 130+ casino games.

very best scratch card games online

Great Quality Runs Deep

Players can also enjoy a top-tier selection of popular titles like Snakes and Ladders, Bold and Beautiful, Monopoly, Blackjack, Classic, Royal Poker, Roulette Royal, the Incredible Hulk Ultimate Revenge and Spiderman Revelations. These and a combination of world-class scratch card games rule the roost at OKscratchcards.

The games are powered by world-class casino software, featuring stunning audio-visuals and dazzling animation. All of the games are instant play attractions, meaning that you can enjoy them direct off your browser with no need for a download.

Many casino games online feature authentic snippets from actual movies, massive progressive jackpots, bonus rounds, promotional offers and more. These great offers mean that you can spend more of your time playing your favourite games and winning the monster pots on offer!


 Unusual Ways of Winning Cash Prizes

winning cash prizes

Have a lot of spare time and nothing to do? If yes, then why don’t you start earning money through various options available to you online? A lot of cash can be won through online competitions, games, surveys etc. These might be sounding strange to you but millions of people are engaging themselves in these unusual ways of winning cash prizes.

Let us survey all these option one by one. Firstly, online competitions are truly the most simple and fastest way of winning money. You just have to be of a certain age to enter these competitions. The most common types of online contests are of course the quizzes. You just have to answer a few questions which sometimes are accompanied by multiple choices. After answering the questions, you basically have to fill up a form with your details and get admitted into the competition. One thing that you should keep in mind while entering any contest is that your chance of winning increases if you enter multiple competitions. Most of the contests do not have the same level of difficulty or competition, so if have entered most of them that means your chances of winning the cash price is more.

Second option is playing online games. For sure this a better option because you are entertained plus you do not have to rack your brains for answers that you might actually not know. Games help you brush your skills and you become more intelligent. Most of the websites offer variety of gaming contests to you. So accordingly, you can choose the game you want to play. If you are new and are not well aware of the particular game you are playing, then it is advised that practice and then enter the gaming contest.

You can play Deal or No Deal games online. These are very similar to their TV counterpart and have been gaining popularity recently. Other games which can be played are: Bingo, Lottery, Poker, Solitaire, Monopoly etc. Quizzes can also be a part of online games. Third option of winning cash prizes is through online surveys. Complete certain amounts of surveys for a particular company and get rewarded in lump sum. Certain websites reward people with money if they get more users because of them. So tell your friends and relatives to join such a website and in return you will win cash. As weird as these options might be but the outcome that is- winning cash prizes is surely satisfying.

Popular Online Casino Games You Can Try Your Hand At

popular online casino gamesOnline gambling has become one of the latest trends in today’s world. There are several websites which provide real life like gaming experience with their wide variety of games. There are more than a 100 games at these wonderful sites and you can open up to a new world of excitement fun and you can come out as winner as well. The key is to find the right website which can provide you with some lucrative opportunities.

Check with an online casino directory for proper site selection

If you want to find a website which can give you all these facilities, then you should check in with an online casino directory first. They list casinos on the basis of their reputation, software used, service history, number of legitimate players, their graphics and sound and the games and bonuses. So, following these directories is a smart way to select a proper casino online for your casino games.

What kinds of games are available at online gambling sites?

At online gambling sites, you can find card games, slot games, roulette, etc. The rules and basics of these games are more or less similar to the land based games. You can play a wide variety of poker games like Holdem poker, video poker, etc. and win cash on the way. There are also other card games like blackjack are also available for all. You can play casino games like backgammon too. You are also given a choice to play both European and American roulette at some sites. These are some of the most popular games which are played at online gambling sites.

Choose a reliable site

Just make sure that you check for the legitimacy and service history of the site before you join it. Read the terms and conditions before signing up and registering. Also, you should choose a site which give lucrative and useful bonuses.

Bingo- Introduction

Bingo basically is a lottery game in which every player is given a card having grid with numbers. There’s a caller who calls out different numbers which appear on drawing tokens or numbers. Players look for the called number in their card and mark if it exits. The player who first completes the formation wins the prize.

Beano, which was played at country fairs, was the predecessor of this popular free Bingo game. In Beano the dealer used to pick and call out the numbers and every player was supposed to mark the number if present on their cards with a bean. As soon as the player gets the row f bean, he had to call out “Beano” to claim the winning prize.


Today, Bingo has become a very popular game around the world. There are many variations in the games and also rules are subjected to slight change depending on the area and type of game. The most popular Bingo game however remains the game played with 24 numbers and a free space.

Bingo is a very simple and fun game that can be played in clubs, casinos or online. Either way the game is superb to play as the game itself is a complete entertainment package. But it is important for every player to first understand the rules and procedure of the game thoroughly so as to have a smart game.

If you are looking for ways to freshen up or finding ways to enjoy at the fullest then click here. Learn the rules now and start playing the game right away.

Online Gambling

If you enjoy gambling, it is time to look onto the best casino games available 24/7. Australian gambling has never been better. Gambling history dates back to ancient times and it is possible to enhance your experience online. Get to bet as low as $0.01. This industry is evolving at a fast pace and players can maximize their earnings by implementing marvelous tactics and strategies. Get to explore many online casinos through and ensure a one-of-a-kind experience.

online gambling

Variety of possibilities

Outstanding welcome bonuses are at your disposal. Each software allows easy play and simple sign-up procedures. You are just a click away from top entertainment. Deposit the desired amount and get to know about withdrawal and payment methods. Each procedure is safe and secure. Privacy terms are impeccable. For those players who wish to play for real money, there are several possibilities. Thus, once you become familiar with no deposit games, begin looking onto other alternatives that will make you win big.

There are many games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, etc. if you wish to gather data, tips, and play, start browsing through You will be able to find certified sites and much more. Since online gambling is becoming extremely popular in Australia, you should ensure a marvelous experience. Play whenever you want despite your location. Check out the most complete gambling guide. You will be able to identify your preferred sites that will deliver unbeatable gambling time. Once you decide on the most convenient online site, go through terms of service and conditions.

While it is impossible to find live poker websites, you can opt for a legal option. International websites are available for users worldwide. Thereby, Australian citizens can play online games without concerns.

Bonuses and promotions

When seeking for the best spot, you should consider bonuses and promotions. The same applies to payment methods and payouts. You will surely get welcome bonuses and daily promotions. By navigating through each section you will be able to clear your doubts. Explore and discover how to maximize your benefits. The ultimate AU online gambling games are all about high-quality graphics and sounding effects. Play from the comfort of your home and enjoy mobile casino apps, too.

Customer service 24/7

Feeling secure and satisfied is a top priority. You can read through reviews and testimonials, too. Each site is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed. You can have peace of mind, since each AU site is optimally researched. A team of qualified and trained individuals will most likely respond your concerns and/or doubts.

If you are ready to gamble, start analyzing pros and cons of each site and get going. Check out useful information that will allow you to indulge onto the best gambling experience ever. Go ahead and pick a suitable and top rated casino sites and get started. Maximize your chances of winning jackpots and prizes.

Find online Pokies Slots for Australian Players

onlkine pokies slots for australians


This piece provides reliable information that will assist Australian players find the perfect gambling site. In addition, the Aussie pokies history is given here in brief. This information is essential for Australian players.

Online pokies slots

Online pokies also referred to as fruit machines or slot machines are games that rely on chance although using correct pokies strategy increase chances of winning. Australian players can now select their favorite online casino games such as video slots, casino jackpots, and progressive online, classic slots and slot tournaments. This the best way of enhancing thrill and excitement of casino games for players from Australia. Online slots can allow one to pass time as well as win great money. If you are an Australian player looking forward to choose gambling site, the article will assist find the best gambling site. Download here casino soft we trust and gamble at. Since there are several casino games, inquire whether the casino is accepting the Australian Dollars. Many gambling sites subcategorize various pokies into four sections; video slots, reel slots, mega spin slots and Australian pokies. They provide free spins for players to make trial without risking capital.

Australian pokies history

Gambling machines in Australia were introduced earlier 1900s. It earned the name poker machines because it featured some pictures of various playing cards. Later, ‘pokies’ stuck and gained recognition to date. When online casino games were introduced, variety of Aussie pokies was also invented. Remember that almost every Australian game theme like Avalon or Thunderstruck II reminds you of a particular story, this part makes it more fun when playing. For instance, those who like romance themes, playing burning desire or secret admirer game brings excitement. For Australian players who like old-fashioned or simplicity, traditional pokies games that have lemons, cherries and cards.