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Online casino and its benefits

Online casino is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Right now, from the comfort of your own home, you can log in any time, at any hour and enjoy a wide variety of online casino games which will entertain and excite you. Sit comfortably, relax and enjoy the best games with the highest jackpots!

In order to enjoy the rich casino online games, you need to have a good and stable internet connection so you can play without any interruptions, a good mood and the legal age to play. Also, keep in mind that you should only play at licensed online casinos. On the front page of the casino, there should be a small logo that certifies the fact that you are playing at a licensed establishment. Don’t waste your time and your money at illegal websites.

Hit the jackpot with online casino

How can you know you’ve made the right decision to play one game instead of the other? At online casinos, there is always the option to play the games in demo mode. This means that for an unlimited time, and without an account, you can enjoy slots and other popular casino games which you can usually find at a brick and mortar establishment. Demo mode games cost nothing; they are being played with virtual, fictitious sums of money. This can help you greatly when learning how to manage your bankroll. With free games, you can test betting strategies and see which ones have positive results for which particular title. Enjoy this useful function and, when you’re ready, start playing for real money!

In order to play casino online  games in a smart way, take advantage of the welcome bonuses! Welcome bonuses at the casino are a benefit you can only find online. Regular casinos do not have a welcome bonus, but online, all of them do. A welcome bonus consists of extra play money or free spins. Offers vary from an online casino to another.  You can benefit from a welcome bonus only once per each casino when signing up online, so choose the offer wisely! The offers are available for a limited time and usually change with new ones after they have expired.

It is important for you to read the terms and conditions of each bonus you want to claim. This is a document you will find on the webpage presenting you the offer. You must respect all the terms and conditions listed in this document, if you want to benefit from your claimed bonus. Some of there rules refer to the games you can play with the bonus, the number of spins you must gamble for and so on. The good part about this is that you’re gambling the casino’s money, so you don’t have to worry too much about risking your own cash. This way, you will be able to enjoy the games even more, because you will be able to relax your mind completely and savor the winning spins like never before.

Online casinos can bring you the fun, positive excitement and money you long for. Grab a bonus and play now!

Casino is the most fun you can have online

Casino is the best way for some of us to unwind, socialize and make money online, as well as offline. If you’re in Australia, you definitely know what we’re talking about! Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes for many people in Australia, and you will find many land based casinos, as well as a large variety of online casinos too. There are so many options to choose from here! If you’ve ever wanted to experience the world of casino, Australia seems to be a great place for you to do that. Don’t be shy and give casino a shot!

Casino is the most fun you can have onlinePopular Casino Games

The most popular casino games in the world, as well as in Australia, are the slot games or “Pokies” as they are called around here. It is easy to understand why Pokies are the most popular games worldwide: they are easy to understand, easy to play, they look great and they’re so much fun! Plus, you can win a fortune just by pressing a button, all in a second. Some jackpots hit huge sums – even millions of dollars – so it’s no wonder that slots rule the casino games segment as the most popular! Play slots online and you will see how much fun they are! Enjoy the best graphics, fun game concepts and perfect sound, all this from the comfort of your own home! With online, you have access to the most modern game releases with the best designs and payout rates. Enjoy and don’t let the best opportunities slip away from you!
Other popular casino games that are loved in Australia include the famous Blackjack (also known as 21), the Roulette, Bingo, video-poker, Craps and Keno – among others. There are endless opportunities to place a winning bet online, so if you’re ever feeling lucky, you should take a chance! If you’re new to gambling, then you must take advantage of a welcome bonus. Online casinos usually attract new customers with welcome bonuses, which come with various advantages. You can either play for free (bonus without deposit), or double your money (100% bonus with a deposit). The best casino bonuses are the ones without a deposit, so you can play for free without risking any of your own money. Plus, if you win, you get to keep all the money! Don’t miss out on a bonus without deposit, play for free and win for real!

You can play the games for free in the demo version as well, but this type of game is just for fun. If you’re not in the mood to risk money and gamble, the demo version is perfect for this. You can enjoy free games online any time you want – you don’t need an account at any casino, and there are no time limits. But you cannot win any money from a free game in demo version;  since no money has been wagered, there is no money to be won. The free version is perfect for practicing betting and playing strategies. Have fun and enjoy the great world of casino!

The Best Australian Casino for You

As you may know, Australia is now amongst the most popular markets for online casino operators and online casino players as well. Australia is a one of a kind online gaming market and interested casino players from all over the world search and connect to the best Australian casinos, in an effort to make the most of their time and money.  Whenever you feel like playing a great game of chance, full of positive energy and big rewards, you know that this is a mission for best Australian casino. And there are plenty of candidates for that title! Let’s take a look at what’s out there and pick out the best Australian casino!

What does the best Australian casino offer?

It is, by now, a well known fact that slots, known as pokies in Australia, are the most popular casino games here, clearly leading the field of online games. So obviously, the best Australian casino should have a huge variety of pokies. From classic fruit and 777 games, to 3D animated with over 200 pay lines, you should be able to find any kind of slot games you want at the good Australian online casinos.

The Best Australian Casino for YouMake sure that the casino you have your eyes on is authoritez to function by the state authorities. As soon as you’ve decided on a reputable online casino, check out its benefits. Does it offer good welcome bonuses? Most of the reputable online casinos, whichever in the world, has prepared welcome bonuses for new players. These bonuses can offer free spins or free cash. Free cash comes in the form of doubling or tripling an initial deposit you have to make, or just simply free credit from the casino for you to spend on some games available there. Remember to always look over the terms and conditions of the bonus you want to get. There, you will find detailed explanations of the things you must accept to do in order to benefit from the offered bonus. This concerns the time period during which you must use up your bonus money, the games you must play (it’s usually certain slots or certain table games) and the number of rounds you should go through. Although the terms and conditions are not at all difficult to follow, you should be aware of them exactly and follow them, for you best online casino experience.

Another important aspect for a good online casino is the availability of technical support. At any hour of every day, you should be able to contact the customer support department of an online casino and fix the problem you encounter at that particular casino. 24/7 customer support is crucial!

The best casinos keep their customers happy and entertained long after they’ve joined the casino. Good online casinos know how to prepare and offer special promotions to their loyal customers. Organizing raffle contests with prizes such as cars or all-expense-paid-for vacations to top destinations has almost become the norm. Online casinos offer tournaments and special deposit bonuses to their loyal members.

Find the biggest casino online bonus available

The Best Casino Bonuses are online only!

If you are a dedicated casino online player, you probably are up to date regarding which are the best casino bonuses out there right now; this post is dedicated to the newer players, who might not be so well aware of the generous welcome bonuses any casino online has to offer.

The Best Casino Bonuses are online only!Online casinos are different from brick-and-mortar casinos in many aspects. Of course, there is the physical difference – with online technology, you’re practically carrying all the jackpot-loaded games on the phone in your pocket. This advantage is everlasting: you won’t ever have to actually go to a casino if you wish to gamble for nice sums of money. If you play casino mobile games, you can have a wonderful experience right from the comfort of your own home, or on your lunch break, while you’re at the beach or waiting for the train, bus or plane. Obviously, this is one huge convenience factor for you.

The second advantage casino online has over offline casinos is that you won’t ever have to queue for a table or a pokie machine, and, plus, you also have tens and hundreds of versions of your preferred games to choose from. They all look and sound good, function properly and won’t cheat you, so surely you will have the most positive experience.

Third, and maybe the most important aspect for you to take into account, is that at the online casinos you can claim a free bonus and win real money! With these types of bonuses, you have the perfect opportunity to try out new and updated casino games, test strategies and see for yourself if the games are to your liking, without losing a cent! This is not a possibility at offline casino, where you must pay if you want to play for money. The good news is that with the online casino offers, new players like you can claim bonuses and free spins which allow you to win real money without having to make a deposit or risk any of own funds. The advantage is clear: you risk nothing of your own, yet you have the chance to make a hit and win big with just one tap on the screen! Online casinos have this incredible power to bring you riches while you only have to lift one finger. Check out the best bonus casino offer at a casino online and grab it!

Take advantage of the best casino bonuses and have the upper hand

If you are newly acquainted with the fun and prosperous opportunities of playing casino online games, we are going to reveal some tips for you to make the best choices when choosing to register at a casino online.

Best Casino BonusesAll online casinos have welcome bonuses for potential new players, and if you’re not aware of the concept, you might feel overwhelmed by the many options. Which one should you choose and how can you tell which ones are the best casino bonuses?

You can find the best deals at Supercazino, which offers a huge amount of free spins and bonuses without deposit, so check out this bonus casino and claim your offer today!

The no deposit bonus is probably the best casino bonus you can find, but it’s also the rarest. Usually, most of the establishments offer convenient bonuses (100%, 200% or even 300%) for small to medium first deposits. It is important to remember to look over the terms and conditions, so that you can know for sure how you can take full advantage of the bonus casino, and to never spend more than you can afford. The best casino bonuses differ from person to person. What might be advantageous for some players, might not suit the needs of other players. It’s up to you. Generally speaking, it depends on your expectations of the online casino experience, your relationship with the games you pick and your bankroll. If you follow this piece of advice, you will have a huge benefit: remember that a calm and rational player is the better player at any game. But one of the best casino bonuses might help you get started with the right mindset. So take advantage right now of bonuses that offer free spins and/or extra lucky cash!

Visit an online casino for a premium experience

Everybody loves a game of chance from time to time. There are few things as exciting as taking a small risk with the possibility of a huge payout, and that’s exactly the concept of a casino. In our present times, we can indulge in a little gambling for exciting jackpots right from the comfort of our own home, thanks to online casino. After the huge success around the world of brick and mortar casinos, the direction of gambling took a digital turn, adapted to the 21st century human. Now, at an online casino is the place to be, because this is where you can have fun and make money easily!

bettor in front of laptop with chips

The casinos online industry offers players many advantages, which were not available in the regular street casinos. But that doesn’t mean that an online casino is completely different from a regular casino, or free of rules. Before signing up to play at a casino, consider these aspects:

  1. Online casino is safe only if it’s licensed.

Be aware that the internet is a free place, and it is difficult to keep all of it in check; that’s unfortunately how many scammers can conduct their criminal online activity, at least until they get caught and proven guilty. Therefore, you should only play at a casino online that has a license granted by your state. The license should be visible on the website – this is a sign that the online casino is running a legal business and your account’s private information (name, credit card number, address etc) is protected. So, before registering at an online casino, look for the license on the casino’s front page. It should be visible, in the header or footer of the page.

  1. You don’t need an account to play free casino games

One of the advantages an online casino has over brick and mortar casinos is that it has free casino games you can play anytime you wish. You do not need an account at the online casino in order to play for free, and you should take advantage of the opportunity! You will relax and have a fun experience trying out many types of games – from slots, to roulette, blackjack video poker, etc – free of charge! This way, you will get better at the games and, once you feel like you’re ready, you can play the same game for money! This is not possible in a brick and mortar casino, so it is definitely a plus for the online casinos.

  1. Any online casino is at the tip of your fingers

The fact that the casinos online are so easy to reach can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. We encourage you not to visit the online casinos in front of children, in order not to influence them. Also, you should not be playing at the casino if you spend too much money on it and not win enough. You must be disciplined with your finances when gambling and never play for more than 10% of your monthly income. Remember that gambling should be fun and productive, not a source of problems. If you need to relax but can’t afford to bet, try the free games!

Keep all these things in mind when visiting the best Australian casino online and keep visiting this blog for honest opinions and sincere recommendations.


Delaware odds on favorite to be first U.S. State with full online gambling

The race to become the first U.S. state to permit full online gambling websites appears to be being won by the state of Delaware after New Jersey’s bid to begin online betting operations stalled at the desk of Governor Chris Christie. Although Nevada made online poker sites legal in 2011 the traditional home of gambling in the U.S. has yet to move too far in its attempts to allow legalized online betting within the state that is home to Las Vegas.


Following the passing of the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012 the state has begun the process of receiving bids to operate online gaming sites within the state’s borders; the bidding process includes the requirement that the online websites must be operational and live by September 30 2013. Officials in Delaware had originally wanted the sites to be live by Spring 2013, but revised their deadlines when the complexity of the establishment of the sites was revealed; under the laws of the state the websites must use geolocation software to ensure all players are physically within the state to comply with federal laws banning interstate gambling.


One of the major reasons for pushing the legislation through the state’s lawmaking process is the large amount of revenue believed to be available to add to the stretched budgets of U.S. states; Officials in Delaware believed a minimum of $3.75 million would be added to the state’s revenue if their system would have been live by Spring 2013. To ensure the online gaming sites are live quickly Delaware is requiring all bidders have at least one years experience operating an online site in either North America or Europe; many U.S. based companies hoping to bid are working with European partners in a bid to operate in the state.


The state of New jersey is expected to allow online gambling websites operated out of its casino rich Atlantic City area. Legislation was passing through the state’s legislature until a bill arrived on the desk of Governor Chris Christie who vetoed the online gambling bill asking for revisions before allowing the system to go live. Many U.S. states have been looking into the establishment of online gambling websites in a bid to raise revenue since 2011 when Nevada legalized online poker websites.

Online Casinos For US Players

Are you a poker lover from the United States? Well, if you are, then you can play as much poker as you want when you are at any casino in town and when you are in Las Vegas. However, if you want to play casino from the comforts of your home; that is play online poker; then you will face a lot of problems. There are hundreds of poker lovers in the US and it is one of the reasons why online casino emerged as a multibillionaire industry. However, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006 and some of the leading online casinos were slapped with something around $3 billion. After that, all top poker sites banned US players.


Once the Act was passed, US poker enthusiasts initially found it difficult to find online casinos where they could participate in their favorite game. However, you need not be disheartened. The good news is that there are still several online casinos that accept players from the US and if you want to play casino online you will have to find one such casino. Since there are several such online casinos, you will have to make sure that you choose the best available online casino.


While choosing the best casino for US players, you will first have to find out about the casinos that allow US players. Finding out about these casinos is not difficult at all and you can type in “online casinos for US players” into any search engine. Once you get the names of the online casinos, you will have to find out about each of them individually. When looking at each of the casinos individually, you will first have to check out the software that each of them uses. You have to understand that software plays a very important role in your online gaming experience since it is the software that determines the kind of games available at an online casino and the quality of the game graphics.


You will also have to check the payment options that are made available by each of these casinos. In most cases, the US poker players are allowed to make payments through debit cards, credit cards, moneygram and e-checks. So, while choosing an online casino, you will have to make sure that allows payment options that you are comfortable with. To find out more about online casinos for US players

Aussie Casino is the greatest place to win big

Statistics show that the people of Australia love casinos, and that almost 80% of Australian adults like to indulge in some sort of betting from time to time. This is the highest rate of gambling in the world, but it comes with no surprise given that there are at least 4700 lottery outlets, plus the fact that you can play not only in actual casinos, but in pubs and hotels as well. People find betting to be exciting and fun, outweighing the risks of gambling, so this is a reason why Aussie casino is such a fertile place. Remember to browse and bookmark Aussie casino to stay up to date with the latest news on the Australian gambling industry!

According to the World Count of Gaming Machines 2013, Australia has the sixth highest number of gambling machines in the world. Around 600,000 Australians (4 per cent of the adult population) play on the ‘pokies’ (slot machines) at least weekly.  Australia is estimated to have 198,150 electronic gaming machines (EGMs), which is 2.58% of the world’s legally installed machines.

Las Vegas who? Make way for Australia as the casino hotspot of the world!

Aussies love to use mobile services as well, and therefore, the online casino market has developed quickly. Everybody wants to win the jackpot, so you can imagine that the online Australian casinos became popular really fast.

Aussie Casino

In spite of their popularity, mobile casinos don’t offer a large variety of games yet, but all the relevant games can be found and played: roulette, blackjack, video poker, keno and poker (either Limit and NoLimit Texas Hold’em). Of course, the online slot games – the pokies – are the most appreciated casino games online as well as offline, and you can find and play hundreds of this type of game. The most sought after are, of course, the ones which have a progressive jackpot.

Popular apps with Aussie casino

On mobile, many casinos use apps especially developed for the players and bettors. Usually, the apps are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry phones! This way, all the fans of online casinos can stay up to date with the latest offers and promotions. And, as we all know, the best and easiest way to make money at online casinos is by taking advantage of the welcome bonuses! If you grab one, you are all set to play without a care in the world about your gambling funds.

The bonuses at an online casinos in Australia can be pretty generous, ranging from AUD $500 up to AUD $2000! With that kind of money to play, there is no wonder most of the adult population likes to take a chance and gamble. It’s a risk worth taking! In some casinos, every Aussie dollar you bet in a real money game earns you loyalty points, which can be redeemed for free cash and other cool prizes. Some of these some amazing daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways – including five-star cruises, holiday packages, and so much more.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make money or win all kinds of prizes in Australia with online casino games.

If you want to join the fun, just keep coming back to our website, Aussie casino, for more insights, tips and tricks!

Tatts Group focusing on additional online revenue

GAMBLING and lottery giant Tatts Group announced great success of their online Casino Gambling activities and are looking to expand in the online pokies arena.

tatts group

On February 21 Tatts announced that their net profit for the last half of 2012 totaled $128.3 million. This is a 23.1 per cent loss from the same time of the previous year, during which profits totaled $166.9 million. This loss can be attributed to the expiration of Tatts’ license to operate slot machines in Victoria, shutting down a significant revenue stream.

Offsetting that blow is a 52 per cent increase in revenues from lotteries and 22 per cent increase in sales of their online slots. That being the case, Tatts CEO Robbie Cooke is optimistic:

“We do believe there are a lot of opportunities to take the online business further, and there are a lot of things that we haven’t done yet that are still available to us.” He said on Thursday. Cooke also stated that Tatts did very well in the first six months of the 2012/213 fiscal year, and that lotteries were the clear big earner.

Twenty-one jackpots in Oz Lotto and Powerball made it over the $15 million mark, as opposed to only nine in the previous year. This is indicative of the 20 per cent climb in revenue in the lotteries business, now totaling $1.1 billion.

TattsBet, the wagering business of the group, had an increase in revenue of seven per cent to total $344.9 million due to increased win rates and Tatts’ recent acquisition of TOTE Tasmania.

Online pokies and other online wagering sales experienced growth of 22 per cent and currently represent 19 per cent of all of the group’s wagering sales, as more and more people move from phone betting to internet betting.

Tatts feels good about the start to the latter half of their fiscal year, with TattsBet all ready creating revenue on par with the first one, alongside continually improving win rates.

The groups lotteries business is doing similarly well with the addition of SA Lotteries, with whom Tatts began a 40-year management agreement in December 2012. Unfortunately this acquisition comes at higher costs in interest.

While still feeling positive, Tatts says they don’t expect the first half’s extraordinary run of jackpots to repeat itself.

Shares in Tatts Group were at $3.25 on Thursday, six cents down.

Has Australian Sports Betting Been Linked to Organized Crime?

Recently, shocking revelations regarding alleged criminal links between Australia’s criminal element, including drug users, and sports betting, have again ignited nationwide debates. The rapidly growing industry of local sports betting and online sports betting, although not illegal nor in any way implicated in the allegations by the Australian Crime Commission, does still maintain a very firm grip on the premier professional codes in place in Australia. This practice is so prevalent that they have actually triggered an additional inquiry into sports betting practices. This inquiry is being performed under the watchful eye of the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform.

australian sports betting organized crime

The massive explosion of Australian sports betting in recent years has expanded most avid betters’ horizons from just betting on the horses to betting also on a number of sports that they used to just watch for the fun of it. Much of this growth has been blamed on what is called “saturation advertising” as reported in BusinessDay. One of the biggest concerns is that children are being bombarded with this advertising when they watch their favourite sports teams on television, which is generally considered to be inappropriate, if not problematic, by parents and educators alike. Parents complain that they cannot watch any sporting events with their kids without a bombardment of gambling ads, which could potentially create an entire new generation of gamblers.

Reports will be available in May 2013, revealing the committee’s findings. In the meantime, sports betting is projected to top a whopping $4.5 billion annually, and this figure is close to double the amount generated by the betting industry five years ago. At that time, this increase became a reality with the Federal Court decision allowing advertising by bookmakers even in a state where they weren’t even licensed for legal operation.This ruling instantly gave them a highly effective advertising tool for acquisition of plenty of new customers even in the highly tax regulated Northern Territory.

Currently there are absolutely no live odds allowed during games, either during online sports betting or otherwise, as per newly developed codes. Gambling promotion is only allowed if plainly identified to be a gambling promo and only during play breaks. In addition, the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports in Australia has ruled that sporting venues are prohibited from showing any promotions of live odds on any big screen during game play. It has, however, been determined that no sports betting advertising ban introduced by the Australian government could possibly ever completely remove the far-reaching effects of gambling from the many leading sporting clubs in the country, especially with the ever-growing popularity of sports online betting.