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Online slots make up the mainstay of online casinos in Australia. Slot machines pleasantly referred to as “one armed bandits” have over the years evolved and increased in sophistry to a level that they have in more recent times jumped into the internet band wagon by going online. Slot machines which are the core of online slots are an important addition to the gambling industry with the quintessential gambling establishment being incomplete without a number of slots to its name.

History of Slots in Australia

Dating back to a little over 120 years since they were first introduced to the gambling industry at least in the physical sense! With the onset of the internet, this integral gaming component has since taken a virtual dimension and it has never looked back – resulting in the present day popular online slots! It has continued to change lives across Australia earning itself a reputation as one of the most desirable choice of casino plays. As a matter of fact, over the recent years, most of the online casinos have eliminated other modes of play and have concentrated their enterprises solely to online slots and online pokies!

Such is the importance and vital role this joyful innovation plays in the gaming community not only in the Australian online slots loving casinos but all over the world. Pokies and online slots remain the most popular casino plays currently in Australia. Let’s look at the history surrounding these gambling phenomena and possibly gain some insight. The first slot machine ever to be developed was based on the game of poker; it contained five drums which held fifty card heads with the poker permutations essentially defining the payoffs. It is traced back to Brooklyn New York where it was developed by Pitt and Sitman. This machine is considered the predecessor of the modern version of the slot machine and the subsequent versions of online slots.

A total turn off however is the fact that this machine did not have actual payoff, very uncharacteristic of the online slots and online pokies that the Australian people are looking to experience! The consolation however is the fact that their prices which ranged from cigarettes to the much fancied cigar. Really! No cash! Boring!!! The modern day slot machine was developed by Charles Fey in the late 1880s. This German native conducted work on this machine in his workshop situated in San Francisco and later came to name it “liberty bell”. Though smaller than today’s slot machine, liberty bell had functionalities similar to the current crop of slot machines and conceptually identical to the online slot machines. Liberty bell finally paved way to the operator bell which was basically an improvement of its predecessor its major strongholds being its efficacy and convenience. Later developments saw the game go online resulting in online slots.

Types of Online Slots

The rest as they say is history, one thing led to the other and we finally had the current crop of slot machines that has become dear to the Australian online casino players. What however tickles my fancy (and I am sure many are of the same opinion) are the online “pokies “an Ausie term for online slots. These online creations are eye catching, full of pomp and graphic calligraphies to perfection. They offer an unrivalled entertainment experience to the players while at the same time opening an avenue for them to seduce lady luck and win some cash! Online slots come in different sizes, shapes and designs which are broadly categorized into:

  • Fruit slots
  • Real slots
  • Mega spin slots
  • Video slots

online slots

All these make up the list of online slots!

So how does one play the Australian online slots? Simple, you first register and download the playing software which is a fairly an easy process. You will be allocated a user name and password and given a chance to practice before you get involved in actual play. After considerable practice, the player gets down to real business which involves placing a bet as per the available credit on your account, waiting for the reels to crunch the numbers, and through an interactive icon checking your winnings. Easy! In addition, guides and tips are available online for the online slots players. So buckle up, cross your fingers and start the journey towards online an Australian casino and get the real experience of online slots in this beautiful country.