Poker Rules

Know Your Poker Rules Before You Start Playing

Gambling has been one of the favorite pass-times of many for generations. In the earlier days people used to visit casinos and gambling bars and today most prefer to play online. However if there is one thing that hasn’t changed over the past few decades is the simple golden rule that if you want to make money playing poker, then you will have to play well. if you are new or a relatively new player then it is expected that you will need some time before you become an expertise in the games; however in order to become one, one must know the poker game rules very well.

poker rules

Here are a few of the most played poker games and their rules:


In this type of a poker game, the standard 52-card deck is shuffled by the dealer and if the dealer is not present then the cards have to be self-dealt. When the dealer is present the Dealer Button or The Buck is passed clockwise from player to player. The first round of the game starts after the deal and the first player to speak is usually the one who is to the left of the big blind, unless of course he chooses to Straddle. There are namely three options for every player: Call, Fold or Raise and of course even Re-raise. The first round is followed by the Flop, Second betting round, the Turn, third betting round, the river and the fourth betting round.


There are two popular versions of the game, the one is the traditional version where only high hands are dealt with, and the other version which is gaining popularity is the Omaha High-Low version that allows one the option of high –low split. Much of the rules of Omaha are similar to that of Texas Holdem but there are a few exceptions. If you are to play Omaha poker then keep in mind that a maximum of ten players can play the game at the same time, each player is dealt four pocket cards, and if you want to make the best hand at poker then you must use three community cards and two pocket cards. The pre-flop, the flop, the turn and the river are the rounds involved in this game, as in the case of Texas Holdem.

Play poker! It is only with regular practice and good strategizing skills that players get the chance to defeat their fellow players and take home the money!